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b-boim 031

hitsudan [2016]

cristián alvear, guitar

dominic lash, contrabass

recorded 7 april 2016 by alfonso pérez, at estudios madre selva (C.A.)

recorded 7 april 2016 by dominic lash at home in bristol (D.L.)

56:31 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"after the last tremor evaded the mind, it still expands into the universe.

some being will eventually hear it.

what will it make of it?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 030

places & fields [2016]

denis sorokin, electric guitar, radio

recorded 27 january 2016 by ilia belorukov at spina studio, st.petersburg

mastered by bruno duplant

"to denis sorokin"

53:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

silence of a room is not that of a field, or, most of the time, vice versa

[francis brown]

b-boim 029

shizuka ni furu ame [2015]

cristián alvear, guitar solo

recorded 11 august 2015

by alfonso pérez, at estudios madreselva-santiago

"to cristián alvear"

54:09 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"every sound nests on silk threads of silence;

the moment the sound stops, we are enwrapped in the silk threads of silence.

or at least something like that?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 028

ruten [2014]

radu malfatti, hohner bassmouthorgan

recorded 29 august 2014

58:00 minutes

EUR 15.- buy

"does music know of itself?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 027

shimosaki [2012]

improvisation by:

ricardo guerreiro - computer

radu malfatti - trombone

ernesto rodrigues - viola

recorded live at the "musica viva festival", in lisbon

20 september 2012

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.- buy

"does a single sound wave have memory of itself?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 026

darenootodesuka [2011]

wandelweiser composers ensemble

antoine beuger – flute

jürg frey – clarinet

marcus kaiser – violoncello

radu malfatti – trombone

michael pisaro – guitar

burkhard schlothauer – violin

recorded 05.11.2011 in london

by the bbc

"to doris"

48:30 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"do i cease to exist inbetween waves of sound?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 025

explorational [2011]

a duo improvisation by:

lucio capece bassclarinet

radu malfatti trombone

recorded live at "exploratorium" berlin,

25 september 2011 by micha rabuske

"to matthias and micha"

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"do light waves disrupt sound waves?

(können leichte wellen gesunde wellen zerschmettern?")

[francis brown]

b-boim 024

slow breath [2011]

bruno duplant

for horn, breath and electronics

performed and recorded by bruno duplant

"to radu malfatti"

45:45 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

b-boim 023.1 – 023.8

weites land, tiefe zeit [2001 - 2001] räume 1 - 8

8 discs with compositions by jürg frey

total time about 320 minutes

EUR 98.– buy

"electronic music based on fieldrecordings, instrumental, stone- and metalplatesounds"

b-boim 022

café oto I [2009]

for double bass solo and sinewaves

dominic lash

recorded in oxford 29 march 2010

by bruno guastalla

35:15 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"music recursively recreates itself through itself

(is this a question?)"

[francis brown]

b-boim 021

himmelgeister 19 [2007]

wandelweiser composers ensemble and 3 voices

recorded at "kunstraum" düsseldorf

13 july 2008 by andré o. möller

36:48 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"what is the centre of musical gravity?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 020

landschaft mit wörtern [2007]

jürg frey: composition, voice and mouthorgan

66:59 minutes

EUR 15.– buy






Zwei Welten

Farblose Wolken









b-boim 019

up & down 23 [2002/2005]

for 4 soprano saxophones

recorded in berlin, january 2005

composed and performed by ulrich krieger

"to wolfgang stry"

59:22 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"Up & down 23 can be played at any volume. Extremes will yield best results. The piece unveils very distinct characters being played either soft or loud. If played soft, it is a sort of “just intonation' ambient music. If played loud, a whole world of difference tones and combination tones will make your head buzz and spin with psycho-acoustics. Further, listening experience will vary greatly depending upon, if listened with headphones or over loud-speakers    ( - then again depending on your speakers and specially your position to them).

This is 'instrumental electronic music'. Down 23"

[ulrich krieger]

b-boim 018

berlinerstrasse 20

improvisation by lucio capece and radu malfatti

recorded 5 july 2009 at kulturbunker–mühlheim

"to torsten and till" 

33:40 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"what determines the time inbetween sounds?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 017

düsseldorf vielfaches [2007]

for 2 clarinets, 3 violins, viola, 2 violoncelloes, 2 flutes,

trombone, 2 guitars, vibraphone and one pianostring with credit card

wandelweiser composers ensemble plus guests

recorded 13 july 2007 in düsseldorf

by andré o. möller

"to chiyoko again"

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

:: … "are sounds sequences of strange loops?"… ::

[francis brown]

b-boim 016

l'âme est sans retenue III [1997 - 2000]

electronic music

composed and realized by jürg frey

66:07 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"Der Titel „l’âme est sans retenue“ stammt aus dem Buch „desir d’un commencement/ angoisse d’une seule fin“ von Edmond Jabès.

Die drei Kompositionen, die unter diesem Titel zusammengehören, sind inhaltlich miteinander verwandt. L’âme est sans retenue I und III sind elektronische Kompositionen, wobei die erste eine Dauer von 360 Minuten hat. L’âme est sans retenue II ist für Bassklarinette und elektronische Klänge."

[jürg frey]

b-boim 015

l'effaçage [2001]

for four bass-drums

nick hennies, bass-drums

recorded 30, 31 march 2008 in austin, texas

by nick hennies

"to nicholas hennies"

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"has time lost sound [(?)]"

[francis brown]

b-boim 014

kid ailack 5 [2007]

for baroqueflute, trombone, mouth-organ,

guitar and laptop

antoine beuger – baroqueflute,

radu malfatti – trombone,

taku sugimoto – guitar,

taku unami – laptop

manfred werder – chinese mouthorgan

recorded live in tôkyô by taku unami 24.11.2007

"to taku"

50:15 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"what happens in the fraction-of-a-second inbetween musical notes – is it still music?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 013

claude-lorrain I [2007]

for trombone solo and sinewaves

radu malfatti – trombone, sinewaves

recorded 13 november 2007

"to christoph nicolaus"

35:15 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"what happens to music

when it breaks the sound-barrier?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 012

nonostante III [2000]

for clarinet and four strings

jürg frey - clarinet, köhne quartett

"to clemens merkel and jürg frey"

33:20 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"does air have memory ouf sound?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 011

rain speak soft tree listens [2003]

for 25 speakers, piano and stringquartet

recorded at "alte schmiede" düsseldorf

31 may 2004 by andré o. möller

"to robert lax"

61:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"does sound have a shadow?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 010

raum-zeit I [1997]

for stringorchestra [10, 10, 6, 8, 2]

realization with sampled instruments

"to benjamin"

33:20 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"is sound invisible light?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 009

nonostante I [2000]

for piano solo

radu malfatti, piano

"to elisabeth bächle-frey"

33:20 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"nonostante had some kind of interesting effect on me, which I’m still sorting out. but I feel that there I started to understand something about the “inter-moments” in your music – that is, what is supposed to take place during the silences. what I find so beautiful about this piece is that the music is really always there, but like an iceberg [or the english underground] only comes to the surface at discrete points”

[michael pisaro]

b-boim 008

das pelzige m [2004]

for flute, clarinet, trombone and violoncello

electronic version by radu malfatti

"to jürg frey"

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"is music unsound"?

[francis brown]

b-boim 007

wechseljahre einer hyäne [2003]

for saxophone quartet

ensemble "intersax"

ulrich krieger - soprano, martin losert - alto, tobias rüger and reimar volker - baritone

recorded live at "podeville" berlin

19 september 2003

"to ulrich krieger"

30:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"can you see music in the dark? "

[francis brown]

b-boim 006

hoffinger nonett [2006]

composition for sine-waves

"also to doris"

36:33 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"any sound listened to from different locations

is not the same sound (this is a question)"

[francis brown]

b-boim 005

three backgrounds [2006]

three compositions by jürg frey,

radu malfatti and michael pisaro

simultaneously performed by the composers

recorded 2 february 2006

live at "merkin hall" in new york

45:50 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"is it your music, or has it,

once it left your head ceased to be?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 004

düsseldorf octet [2005]

for guitar, clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, violin, viola, violoncello

and vibraphone,

electronic version by radu malfatti

"to chiyoko"

35:05 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"does sound have a locality?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 003

friedrichshof quartett [2005]

for flute, clarinet, contra-bass recorder and trombone

recorded 05 january 2006

by josef novotny

"also to doris"

25:04 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"does the mind stop listening between sounds?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 002

zeitschatten [2004]

for clarinet and violoncello

electronic version by radu malfatti

recorded 10 july 2006

"to jürg and marcus"

40:00 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"how many dimensions does sound have?"

[francis brown]

b-boim 001

hoffingerquartett [2005]

for two violins, viola and violoncello

clemens merkel, joanna becker - violins, conrad von coelln - viola, marcus kaiser - violoncello

recorded 18 october 2005

"to francis"

72:42 minutes

EUR 15.– buy

"if no sound is being created, can the memory

of the previous sound be interrupted ?"

[francis brown]